One place for you, your children, and your family

Rose Hill Counseling and Psychotherapy is an affiliated group of practitioners from different disciplines, who have joined together through a common philosophy towards the mental health treatment of children, adolescents, families and adults. Our approach is to focus on restoring the momentum of healthy development at each stage of life. In this spirit, we:


  • ✺ Work towards understanding the meaning behind symptoms.
  • ✺ Think beyond a diagnosis to an appreciation of you as a unique individual.
  • ✺ Focus on what’s the matter, not on what behaviors should be controlled.
  • ✺ Provide a place for thoughtful reflection and practical strategies.
  • ✺ Pay attention to the family context and inter-generational patterns.


Our approach to treatment varies depending on who is coming, what the concerns/worries are, and how we can best help.

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